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Whether you're seeking increased confidence, clarity, and energy or want to release stress or negativity A-Z Mindfulness will empower you to become more self-aware. Learn and practice strategies to create feelings of tranquility naturally while drastically improving your well-being. Lani's inspiring, intuitive, and creative lessons will shift the way you relate to stress and clear space for more peace, love, and happiness in your life. Lani welcomes opportunities to connect individually with students through a moment of laughter or a conversation filled with insights. Schedule private sessions with Lani to tailor a program specifically to your needs. Students of all ages learn invaluable strategies and gain benefit from these personalized sessions with Lani. 


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"Lani teaches skills that are fun and easy to learn and really connected with my son. The lessons are playful and engaging and she leaves us with strategies to work on for the week. He's really benefited from the skills. The three step process before bed gets him settled and cloud meditation centers him during the day.  I believe the younger they can implement mindfulness into their routine, the more likely they will carry this much needed skill set with them throughout their lives. " -Mom of 8 year old, Highland Park, IL

"Thanks a million for your continued dedication. I know its getting harder and harder to reach him, but your love shines through and makes him happy."  -Alice, wife of 87 year old student with dementia

"I learned skills that I thought would just help me sleep, but ended up helping me in numerous anxiety provoking situations." -Edward, 19 year old 

"I love learning with Lani. She is the real deal and really practices what she preaches. She teaches in the most gentle but positive way, answering all my silly questions of "Why" and "How." Her knowledge is vast; she has a keen sense of the physical body and breath, but also understands the mind-body connection and how to achieve the best results, with patience and non-judgement." -Barbara, 53 year old 

"Your instruction felt incredibly grounding and holding. Loved it!" Roman

"I believe that 50% of my headaches come from my tension in my neck that travels to my head. I was able to loosen my neck up. Your cues are so good and I feel great. Thanks you" Joan during Covid-19 Zoom meeting

"Lani has been teaching my daughter mindfulness techniques and strategies to help her manage daily stress and separation anxiety.  Almost immediately, we saw the positive effect that Lani's mindfulness techniques and teaching style were having on our daughter. 

Lani's vast knowledge about applying mindfulness in everyday situations has taught our daughter skills that have transformed her life.  Our daughter is proud that she can take control of her "worries" by practicing mindfulness when a parent is late to pick up at basketball practice or a family member returns home later than expected.  Lani's ability to teach others how to apply mindfulness techniques in everyday situations has had an enormous positive impact on our daughter's life. It has truly been transformative. -Kelly, mom of 11 year old

"I am grateful for Lani, and my family, friends and health. The world wouldn't be the same without it. Now I have time to feel happy!!" -11 year old, Northbrook, IL

"Mindfulness has taught me techniques to help me fall asleep and stay focused at work." -Bradley, 22 year old  

"When I practice Relaxation, I am calm and focused on my body parts. Focusing on one thing makes me feel relaxed because I am not multi-tasking. It gives me a chance to be mindful and have time with myself." Mimi

"Thanks for leading Zoom mindfulness. My friends and I had so much fun! These words describe how we felt after class: Centered, balanced, grounded, relieved, calm, relaxed, free, and focused." Mary and 12-year old friends