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Conscious Companies create a mindful work-space with a collaborative environment where employees experience reduced stress, improved attitudes, and better communication. Employees feel focused, energized, and clear-minded while being able to access greater creativity, health, and vitality. Our commitment is to introduce a new mindfulness tool each week for 26 weeks, promote daily practice, and provide video and email support. Through this process, employees become less reactive and overwhelmed from daily stress and better equipped to navigate challenges with ease and clarity. Conscious Companies produce more creative, connected, and productive teams where employees experience improved health, happiness, and overall well-being. 


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"Thank you, thank you, thank you! Lani completely picked up on the stress level of the team at the beginning of the video call and saw the difference by the end. She is a miracle worker and sprinkled beautiful good vibes and juju to everybody. The session meant the world to me and team members on the call. I really appreciate what Lani brings into everyone’s life. I highly recommend her incredible mindfulness sessions. Her genuine approach to partnering together for meditation, visualization and overall wellness leaves you feeling rejuvenated. You will feel an incredible sense of calmness after participating in her session. Guaranteed." -Sarah Shepard, Group VP at Business Wire, a Berkshire Hathaway Company

"Lani came to teach our staff techniques on maintaining their own positive energy, while giving so much of themselves to clients. Her techniques had a profound effect on us and left us with a better understanding of how to handle situations in a positive manner, and how to let go any negative emotions. During the workshop, Lani taught them how to tap into feelings of gratitude. It left several of us in tears. It was an amazing experience that has had long lasting effects." -Owner, Robert Gold Salon

"Peaceful, energetic, connecting, self-awareness, calming, thoughtful, helpful, fun, relaxing, informative, calm, enjoyable, wonderful, mindful, awareness provoking, I AM GRATEFUL, educational, loving, joyful,  interesting, grounding, wellness, and revolutionary." -UIC School of Public Heath Staff and Students describe experience   

"Wonderful, enlightening, joyous, great energy, energetic, needed, and extremely well done." - COSEM conference attendees